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Bottoms up, intoxicated bitches! No rehab for you!

The fact that your dicklet becomes more and more dysfunctional as I instruct you to drink glass after glass, is what amuses Me the most about this emasculating game!

When I use a weak, pathetic slave for My amusement, one of the top favorite games you nimrods absolutely love, is the “Forced Intoxication”. All truly needy piglets adore getting totally shitfaced for Me. Either way, the game is extra-entertaining for Me, ’cause I’m always sober!

However, some of these walking wastes of skin feel so frustrated and guilty, that they can’t help squealing and crying to My face, like the weak baby-bitches they are, as soon as they sober up!

And don’t even get Me started on how paranoid you, weak substance abusing sluts are, after being exposed as per your own shitfaced requests; If you asked for it, don’t you dare blaming it on the booze. PAY and I’ll remove your freakshow pictures. Fail, and I will keep them up. Here’s a free piece of reality check: you always have the option to log out, unplug your computer, scream your safeword and whatnot. Asking to play the game, only to act like a suck-ass-pussy when it comes down to getting shitfaced and spending your entire paycheck on Me, under lame excuses like “You made me do it” “i was too drunk” “please, wifey will kill me”… This is one shitty game I will never play! Never try to shrink your responsability, unless you want to be kicked in your ugly, saggy balls and banished from My realm FOREVER. I’ll make you drink a glass, then two, then twenty two; I’ll make you sniff poppers right off your sissy fairy frillies, pantywaist! No matter how fucked up you feel, you’ll drink some more, because you want to please Me.


Many weaklings asked for details.

The first thing you need to know, is that I support the use of alcohol and poppers and My 12 Step program only works in reverse. The more addicted and intoxicated you become, the better. I like your brain as blurry, dizzy and disoriented up to the point of retarded numbness. Even if you try to quit, you’ll just replace it with another WORSE addiction, that’s how addictions work!

Why turn into a self destructive sheep, when you can feed the addiction for a good cause, and under My guidance! I will never take you as far as a coma, there’s no real risk whatsoever – My goal is to keep you alive and well, so I can loot everything you own and then some!

So relax, lay back, grab a bottle and let yourself be handled.

My main focus, when forcing you to drink at My whim, is to see how far you’ll go, and push your limits.

I push different buttons for different pigs. Some experience humiliation, feminization, household tools play (I don’t mind if you insist on stuffing your holes with your wife’s big, fat juicy black dildo, but the reason why I prefer forcing you to use kitchen tools for instance, is that you will often see your “toys” at unexpected times, and in the unsuspecting hands of wifey).

Others will be subjected to mortifying guided masturbation sessions, always ending in DENIAL (if you can even get it up to begin with, ha ha!) Many drunken freaks end up in tears, because when I finally “decide to allow release” (yeah right, as if!), they can’t, because they are SO WASTED!

Online shopping is another fun choice. Making you drink more, as we chit-chat about booze, substance use and abuse, about what a useless, boring tool you are when sober, and so many other interesting things, while convincing you that you really NEED AND DESPERATELY WANT to buy Me all of those self indulgent, shiny, pretty things… Delicious delirious!

The fact that your dicklet becomes more and more dysfunctional as I instruct you to drink glass after glass, is what amuses Me the most about this emasculating game!

Some drunktards just like a good party; I have the tackiest music selection for the partypigs to dance to, and also some personal touch lyrics for those karaoke for the SHEgod moments. So many intoxicated sissy fairies love these! Oops, they keep doing it again and again!

Last but not least, it’s so very easy to make you open up and spill your deepest, darkest, most deranged secrets as well as most personal details, when you’re piss drunk!

After such a session, those consensual blackmail lovers are bound to wet their diapers in a week or two! I like to let a good chunk of time pass by, to be absolutely sure they have no memory of “that fateful night”, still imprinted in their squishy brains!

7 comments on “Bottoms up, intoxicated bitches! No rehab for you!

  1. Hel PlesslyYours

    Dear Miss Waltrud,

    Thank You for this article, I love it!
    Quick question: I have a major weakness for poppers as they make me feel all woozy and slutty, and very ready and willing to expose myself to a degree of blackmail. Is this in Your view part of Intoxication Therapy?


    • Weak Slutpuppy,
      Yes, this is part of Intox Therapy. It can be any recreational substance, as long as it’s legal. Even Dextromethorphan + Caffeine can count, in the right dosage. Intox doesn’t necessarily have to involve alcohol.
      I have different cocktails for different slut brains.


  2. Hi Princess,

    is forced intoxication for real or more just internet fantasy.

    not sure why i crave this. what alcahol concoction works the best. is there a way to have no paper trail. sooo married

    this is crazy. is 1 to 2 hours enough time. will i regret this in the morning… i did not just say that
    how does one call u

    kindest regards




    how can i do a call with u


  4. Feminization and financially control my exposed life


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