Three Cheers for all of you, minions! Belated Happy New Year

Another fabulous year has gone by, three cheers for all of you!

Keep riding your sissy bitch dildos, your wives’ (where available, ha ha) big black vibrators, and keep buying Me pretty, shiny things! You’re contributing to the most noble cause in all of the Universe: MY POCKETS!

Also, I would like to offer My sincerest apologies for being so much better and wealthier than all of you. I truly hope you find a way to continue on. Aaaa ha ha ha!

Best wishes, freakazoids! May the New Year encounter you with finances more erect than your dicklettes!

P.S. Stay tuned and keep staring at My CamContacts Profile, as I shall soon bless you with My presence once more.

It must feel like such a wonderful privilege!

Female Supremacist Princess. Findom Lifestyle. CamContacts Femdom model. I come equipped with a Psychology Degree. I am well-spoken, well-educated, well-versed in the art of making you want and need to give it all up for Me, and I promise you’ll be wrapped around My finger, free to delightfully and eagerly feed My greed in no time! Indulge yourself!

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