My TeamViewer Fetish flock of freaks

Not exactly what i would normally call shocking, but…

My Teamviewer Terrible Torment of a Training program seems to become more popular than I imagined it would. I’m definitely not complaining, seeing how this new sort of Hack and Slash game appeals to subs, slaves and fetish freaks alike. This mosaic of manlettes makes up for a decent case study .

Behold, Ladies and “gentlemen” (as if any of you male-things could ever be worthy of genuinely being called that) – the True slaves. So rare, so few, almost so special.
This type of sub-breed is on the brink of extinction, and no wonder, with the inflated amount of mainstream VOD style Fetish clips, silicone enhanced divas wielding oversized strap-ons and yelling profanity for no reason in nothing but a leather thong, well who can blame the poor male peons. The media is messing with their already altered brains, making it nearly impossible for them to understand the intrinsic uplifting attributes of their true submissive nature. But the few, the chosen ones, they break through. These are the only minions with whom I truly connect, on a very intimate level. No, filthy vile scum, you’re not supposed to translate “intimate” by “sexual”. If you did that, go give yourself a hot sauce urethral sounding. NOW.
The True slaves enjoy all of the subtle (well, a lot less so, as we progress) steps of My TeamViewer Takeover, Brainwashing and Conditioning techniques, and are among the very few who actually manage to close the circle and pass the Final Test.

The Fetish freaks on the other hand, they’re mostly curious inferior males, who reject their submissiveness. To Me, all males are lesser creatures, it’s just that some rank higher than others; True subs, at the top of the male foodchain, “vanilla” “real manly men” way down, at the bottom. Fetish freaks are in the middle, if lucky.
One out of three believes I will listen to his precise indications, play out some lame ass fantasy scenario of his choice, and penetrate his PC while he penetrates his sissy bitch ass under the desk. I don’t think so. Boo-fucking-hoo.
Again, while these specimens are total wastes of skin, it’s not completely their fault. That’s how most TeamViewer Fetish online control sessions work, when your Mistress is not a true Superior Lifestyle Goddess, wise, witty and BDSM savvy.
A True Living, Breathing Goddess is more rare than the almost-extinct True slave.
That’s how it is, and how it should be!

Then there’s the moneypigs. Most of these piglets will never understand BDSM, or the multifaceted, subtle psychological meanings of Control, as it happens during TeamViewer Domination sessions. Let’s not forget that today, your computer truly is a part of you, like an extension of your identity, a mechanical limb that you feel crippled without.
To this mediocre pig, it all comes down to adding some lifeless objects into a shopping cart, so he can vanish in a sea of shame as soon as he clicks Checkout, with one hand on the Power button. Poof!

And as it is with anything and everything, there’s the Mixed type. I won’t describe this one in detail today, but I will toss a picture in, as a cliffhanger to this brainfart article or as a trailer for another.


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