#SelfieNation Domination – By Princess Perfect

#SelfieNation Domination

You claim to be a Goddess,
Take selfies in your bath
Your silicone enhancements
Stretch right down to your ass.

At least put on some pasties
Your nipples make me weak!
I feel your power growing…
Nah, I’m just full ‘o shit.

I visited last evening,
You offered me discounts
For you’re a money Mistress,
The cheapest of said kind.

I feel so elevated,
Your presence makes me wank!
Oh please, show me your asshole
Force me to eat your cunt.

And your abbrevs, cruel bb,
My gosh, they are so hot!
They make you sound so special
They show me that “u’re” smart!

Get dressed now, take a selfie
Relax and don’t be stressed!
Just tell yourself you’re awesome
And oh so fucking #blessed.

Til next time, slutty owner,
I’ll see you soon enough.
You served My dick so nicely…
I swear you make me laugh!

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