Virtual Emasculation, Small penis humiliation

This one goes to all of those castration fetish freaks out there, who inspired Me to write such disgustingly vile crap.

While watching porn i figured out
That i was far from well endowed
So i looked down, i cried a lot
And then i cut!

I’ve no remorse and i forgot
i ever had you, tiny cock!
Not one bit sad i had you cut
’cause i’ll adapt.

Buying a strap-on would be smart
The ladies love that edgy stuff!
i’ll leave my pin prik now to rot,
So happy i could cut!

Female Supremacist Princess. Findom Lifestyle. CamContacts Femdom model. I come equipped with a Psychology Degree. I am well-spoken, well-educated, well-versed in the art of making you want and need to give it all up for Me, and I promise you’ll be wrapped around My finger, free to delightfully and eagerly feed My greed in no time! Indulge yourself!

1 comment on “Virtual Emasculation, Small penis humiliation

  1. beautiful miss


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