Dissociative Diva (Dis)ORDER

Why Miss Waltrude, what’s a “SHEGOD”, and who the heck is Princess Helena?

When coming up with a Femdom “stage name”, you can be whoever you want to be, choose whatever moniker that tickles your fancy, or better defines the Dominant side of your true personality.

In an alternative universe, with its alternative lifestyles and fantasies, where you can be an Amazon Princess, a Feminazi Interrogator or a Gorean slave (and get away with it all) , going with My real name (or variations of it), sounds like an epic snorefest.

Miss Waltrude is more than a Feminazi Interrogator, Female Supremacist subjugator Diva. She’s also part of My online gaming career, and a tribute to a dear friend. Yes, I used to be a real Geek Goddess, and a badass one at that.

All in all, she’s a real part of Me, and a real projection of My Dominant self. My Femdom alter-ego of sorts.

So what’s a She-GOD, you ask?

Everyone’s a Goddess nowdays. I prefer the biblical concept of GOD. While I do not believe in the fairytale of the invisible ol’ man in the sky, I have always been fascinated by religious brainwashing and mass manipulation. Which is why I make great use of it when reprogramming your slave brrraaaiinnnn! Plus, creating prayers, chants and odes dedicated to Myself, using real prayerbook stuff as inspiration, is fun as fuck, I could do it all day long! My subservient acolytes love reciting these. Plus, it is now a proven fact – praying to Me WORKS! Not all the time, of course, but more often than the vanilla prayer deal. Because the dude in the sky surely was a man, since no Woman could ever create the clusterfuck we currently live in, I had to add the SHE. Super SHE-GOD.

(H)elena is in fact My real name, very vanilla, I know. It’s also who I am at My vanilla job, with My vanilla (and not only, but mostly) friends, and while She can be nice, fun and very educated, She’s still a bratty bitch. I’d skip the Princess part, but in My defense, I’ve been called a Little Princess since childhood, long before the self-made pseudo-princesses made an appearance on Social Media, begging for Happy Meal money for them and their lame ass “alpha”, who’s currently unemployed.

Mea Culpa, girls… Sorry, NOT sorry!

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