Tribute and Spoil Me

I need to make Myself extremely CLEAR about this very obvious fact. One that even a trained monkey can understand better than some of the window licking, eternally drooling mouth-breathers I occasionally had the disgrace of meeting.

Want to be taken seriously? Are you desperate for attention and crave interaction with the Femme GOD? YOU NEED TO TRIBUTE ME!

Time to max out those credit cards, and start spending wifey’s paycheck, too!

These are sure to be the highlight of your boring life. Choose to SUCK LESS, do the RIGHT THING, RIGHT NOW! Go CRAZY and surprise Me with a BIG chunk of REAL CASH, or Gift cards! Clickity-Click the Lovely button below, and Donate to My Femdom Church! This is something you will be constantly doing, as a true addict, devoted follower, slave to My Perfect Self. Because it’s such a thrilling, exhilarating, unique experience of mystical proportions. because you’re too weak to deny yourself the pleasure. Dolt !

Deliver all Gift vouchers to:







2 comments on “Tribute and Spoil Me

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