Live Webcam Sessions

There are several ways to Worship your Humiliation Princess, and get your Financial Domination, Sissy slut Training, Cuckold cocksucker abuse, as well as entertain Me with creative CBT, tiny dicklet torment, and make a complete mockery out of yourselves while I Tease and Deny you into complete submission and addiction; you will be paying a rate per minute on the CamContacts website, and My fixed session rates on Skype.


My most common rate is $2.69/minute, but can go up to $12/minute – Hello, moneypigs!

Since some of you, puppets, complained about having trouble with your registration… here, follow the instructions below.

1. Access MY PROFILE, doh!

2. Drool all over it, and lick your screen, especially around My profile Picture.

3. See that pretty Menu on the left? Move your pig hooves over to the Register (FREE) field, and follow those easy steps, that even an ape could complete!

PAY ATTENTION to the last two fields. Select Chathost in the “How did you find out about us” field, and type My Screenname, MissWaltrude! (It’s a tribute nickname related to My online gaming awesomeness, feel free to be curious and ask; your hooves should be sweaty and uncontrollably shaky as you write.)
Here, stop touching your twiglet for a second, and look at this screencap!


Congratulations! Grab your icky, make a clicky, and let the cash flow!

OFFICIAL WORSHIPERS AND DEVOUT FOLLOWERS OF MY MARVELOUS SELF, who Tribute and Spoil Me religiously, may also choose this option for Online Webcam Domination Sessions, but are also blessed with the privilege of Skype Live Chat abuse, for each tribute they make. The duration of these heavenly, generous treats, depends on the size of your wallet, sky is the limit! 😆

Unofficial minions and random wanking wonders who desire to stay anonymous, yet crave to serve with no personal involvment, can do so at CamContacts; you will be paying My chosen rate per minute, and you will make sure to follow the Registration instructions given by Princess Perfect, so that all of the money you spend, ends up in MY greedy hands!

Contact Me if your pathetically sized pecker has drained your brain dry, making you unable to comprehend all of the above, so I can further translate it for you, in dumb-loser-language!

Purchase My Skype or Yahoo ID

Contacting Me is a privilege and as such, comes at a price.

Send Me a Gift Voucher of your choice, to

Include your ID in the gift message, or e-mail it to Me at the address above.  I will add you, and we’ll discuss the payment options and details, for the session of your choice.

Rates in USD:

15 min …… 45.00

30 min …… 80.00

45 min …… 120.00

60 min …… 150.00


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