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Cuckyboys with Chastity Toys

I swiftly, skillfully introduce the unaware pets to the concept of chastity, and first incorporate mild forms of it - like a 5-day-challenge

Let’s have a little talk on Control, Orgasm Denial and (more or less Forced, tee-hee-hee) Chastity.

Once allowed to release his brain matter through his clitlet, a man becomes self centered, lazy and unfocused; this is the type of man I dislike and deem completely useless to Me, and as such, I love a spicy mix of Orgasm Denial and Chastity. They are such wonderful, and very fun tools to play with.

Be honest. As you sit there, reading My words and contemplating submitting to your vile penis, like a selfish pig, you’ll have to admit that a pretty large chunk of your submissive nature dissipates into thin air after you cum.

Of course, the very rare AND very special AND completely addicted to Me, very well trained minions, will remain docile, attentive and obedient after allowed to have an orgasm.

I take great pleasure and enjoyment in keeping My boys in a state of denial, which lets them float endlessly into subspace, like little ships in an ocean of Princess-infused sweet torments.

They obey Me, Serve Me, Cater to My whims, Surprise Me with shiny pieces of treasure, and feel like the luckiest minions in the Universe. It’s a special AND unique feeling, one that’s greater than a lifetime of orgasms, greater than sex, even greater than conventional love.

I swiftly, skillfully introduce the unaware pets to the concept of chastity, and first incorporate mild forms of it – like a 5-day-challenge, or psychologically enforced abstinence with no physical device involved. Sessions are very heavy on Teasing, Jerk off Instructions, sometimes mild CBT, or even aversion therapy, and when rightfully earned, rewards or punishments are sure to be creative and unforgettable.

Under My guidance, you will learn to Obey Me, and Serve Me, and Please Me, and Shower Me with Spoils, because you NEED ME in your life, and you NEED to be allowed to cum. I will be all you can think about, even in your dreams – the tormenting, tantalizing wet dreams that haunt you every night.

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