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Financial Domination Addiction is GOOD for you

Pay attention to everything you’re feeling, your emotions and whatever sick and twisted things crawl up to the surface of your consciousness, while you perform as instructed.

I know, I know… YOU are addicted to throwing money at hot Women over the internet. But what’s this addiction of yours all about?

It is a condition, mmkay? One that results when a person either ingests a substance or engages in an activity (anal sex with well hung lads at your local adult bookstore, eating your own cum, gambling, shopping, watching vile porn) that can be pleasurable, but the continued act of which, can become compulsive to the point where it interferes with your ordinary life, your responsibilities such as work duties or relationships, even deteriorates your health, and you may not even be aware that your behavior is out of control and causing problems for you and others.

Addiction is a really cool word, and it’s used in several different ways!

One describes the physical process, the biological state in which the body adapts to the presence of a substance up to the point where it develops tolerance. Withdrawal occurs if the use is disrupted.

Then there’s the overreaction of the brain to cues associated with the substance of choice. An alcoholic walking into a bar will feel an extra pull to have a glass, because of cues.

However most addictive behavior is not related to either physical tolerance or exposure to cues and/or triggers, people compulsively gamble, shop, watch porn, suck cock and eat cum being emotionally stressed, whether or not they have a physical addition.

Since these psychologically based addictions are not related to drugs or altered brain effects, they can account for why people frequently switch addictive actions from one type to a completely different one.

The focus of the addiction isn’t what matters, it’s the need to take action under certain kinds of stress, and dealing with this kind of addiction an understanding of how it works psychologically.

It is important to recognize that its cause is not simply a search for pleasure and that addiction has nothing to do with one’s morality or strength of character.

Let’s get this started, self diagnosed FinDom addicts!

Spoiled Alert: Soon you’ll discover there’s no traditional 12 step program for you!


Stage 1: Take out your WALLET and look at it.

Stage 2: Now very very slowly open it. Take a deep breath… Now spread it wide and bring it closer to your face.

Stage 3: Look at the cash inside, and bury your nose in those precious bills. Inhale, eyes closed, yes, inhale! Let the smell of that dough put you in a magnificent stupor. That’s right on the money!

Stage 4: Now move the wallet away from your face and slide two fingers inside, gently! Reach for that credit card, the special one… but don’t pull it out just yet.

Step 5: Enough edging, cut the foreplay, close your wallet and leave it on the table next to you.

Surfing the High, this is so Trippy!

Urges and cravings always pass, whether you give in to them or not, they will eventually go away. With that in mind, let’s go back to Stage 1.

Pay attention to everything you’re feeling, your emotions and whatever sick and twisted things crawl up to the surface of your consciousness, while you perform as instructed.

Maintain each STAGE for at least one minute, strive for two. Surf the waves of whatever you’re experiencing.

Stay focused but don’t try to change or get rid of the urges.

What were your thoughts? What did you feel like? How did your body react to it? Got a stiffy?


Rinse and repeat for AN HOUR straight.

Document your final findings, and it’s best if you write this by hand, in a journal!


Financial Domination and the Cycle of Addiction

Let’s assume this can apply:

Vulnerable State – due to fear, anxiousness, boredom, random erection

Stimulus – seeking excitement

Emotional Phase – you’re hooked on excitement, fap fap fap!

Thinking Stage – hopeless battle between subconscious and conscious mind

Chemical release of Dopamine* – changes mind and body in ways you’re way too familiar with

Action Phase – not wanting to stop

Remorse Phase – after stopping and reflecting back on the whole episode, once the euphoria has worn off, with or without the help of a cold shower

*Dopamine is also known to fuel reward motivated behavior, which is very tricky because, depending on what your true frustrations and fears are, you may translate the entire episode into one that requires a reward in the form of self gratification, permission to selfishly cum, demands for eye candy that a true moneyslave NEVER makes, or, if you are feeling deeply ashamed to begin with, then giving your money away will be a form of positive reinforcement, in which case the entire act was a positive one, therefore we can’t speak of an addiction per se.

To be further analyzed in the future, I’ll need a moneyslave volunteer! Apply ASAP!

I believe that, while Financial Domination may be positioned at the top of a submissive’s pyramid of needs, it can’t be an Addiction all by itself. There’s no top of a pyramid without a gigantic mega-structure below it, and those are the myriad of little kinks, shameful secrets, guilty weaknesses and freaky fetishes that are bound to cause addiction, sexual and otherwise.

It’s just too easy and convenient NOT to blame it all on such a trivial thing like giving your money just to receive some attention from a Woman who would otherwise ignore you completely, never to acknowledge your mere existence.

A true financial slave, as utopian a concept as it may seem to be, would NEVER refer to his condition and lifestyle as an “addiction”.

A true financial slave feels truly fulfilled when he can successfully support his Owner’s lifestyle, keep Her pleased and make Her happy.

This rare breed of money slave has no material cravings, nor does he let himself be guided by his vile penis. His life is dedicated to his Mistress, and being at Her feet, curled up like a loyal pet, receiving that kind of affection that can never be sexual, a gentle pat and a “Good boy!” praise when he fetches his paycheck and delivers it into Her precious hands, that’s what subbie Paradise feels like, to him.

It’s a very liberating experience, a simple yet extremely rewarding life.

This slave gets to have a good job, a blooming career, lives a chaste life with no sexual distractions (unless Mistress sees fit), and when the Superior Female removes the paycheck from his loyal puppy mouth, he feels nothing but bliss.

But hey, this is the ideal moneyslave. The stuff of legends.

An online Findom lover expects NOTHING in return for his tributes.

The thought of making a Gorgeous, Incredible Woman smile in excitement as soon as She wakes up to find that cash surprise or that substantial gift card, is what makes him smile right back. And maybe his small and premature dicklet is smiling too, from its CB-6000 chastity cage!

An online money slave gives SOME of his EXTRA money to strangers, because he can, because he enjoys that guilty thrill, because it gives him that tingling rush and because sometimes, it feels like sweet revenge against wifey, because she can be such a bitch! Of course he still loves her, in that platonic way, but after giving an extra large tribute to an Internet Goddess, his guilt will make him kneel and give wifey a good tongue fuck.

Financial Domination can save your marriage and revive your sex life!

A money slave doesn’t pay for a service, doesn’t beg for a treat, doesn’t ask for a favor. That’s what weak, confused, guilt trippin’ fetishists do, calling the Financial Domination Addiction as an excuse for everything they can’t admit about themselves.

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  1. In a word, is there a cure? ???


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