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Weakling Updates

Strictly the best and the worst worms of the past few weeks. Who were the goodest boys in Princessland? Who were the baddest rejects and who should get the BANHAMMER?

Strictly the best and the worst worms of the past few weeks. Who were the goodest boys in Princessland? Who were the baddest rejects and who should get the BANHAMMER?

Some of you have been more predictable than the chance of getting wet in the middle of a rainstorm without an umbrella. The selfish male ego is keeping you from achieving your full potential, and your dumb dicklets carry half the blame.

Thank SHEgod it’s LOCKTOBER! I do declare you should all be put in chastity for everyone and everything’s greater good – but especially yours, you lot of degenerates!

We lost our darling geek-slave to a vanilla relationship of the monogamous sort, so he decided to “break up” with Me, but the way he chose to inform his Princess of this development was very elegant, just like I inspired him, and almost sweet. GOOD BOY! Enjoy your relationship, I’ll be here when you decide it’s time to come back. you will!

Slave Dave has been with Me for so many years we lost count, but his butt remained untouched – hard limits and all. UNTIL NOW! I mesmerized My davey-boy who’s a sci-fi fanatic, into the most immersive tentacle invasion alien fuckfest. I love love LOVE it when My boys break their limits and their fuckholes for Me! GOOD BOY!

Binger-purger wannabe slave matty is missing in action exactly as I predicted, because he’s conflicted. It’s hard to accept you can’t have what you want, when you want it. It’s a process and a test any good boy needs to pass. The intoxicating danger of being My lovesick pet is terrifying, you’ll only become more and more OBSESSED. This stray worm will find its way back under My nylon feet. And his name shall be WORMverine! BAD BOY!

Limbo-dweller puppy C has spiraled back to Me shortly after My reemergence into the digital domain. I took it as a sign of a special connection we used to have, but a lot has happened for the past few years, and this might just as well be a simple coincidence… he did however inspire Me to try something rather innovative on stream. A premiere for Me, and I’ll channel a lot of My creativity into this new internet breaking revelation. Uhm so, good boy, I guess? No. But not BANHAMMER worthy either. I am starting to suspect his sole purpose was to be MY muse for a second. For now.

Female Supremacist Princess. Findom Lifestyle. CamContacts Femdom model. I come equipped with a Psychology Degree. I am well-spoken, well-educated, well-versed in the art of making you want and need to give it all up for Me, and I promise you’ll be wrapped around My finger, free to delightfully and eagerly feed My greed in no time! Indulge yourself!

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  1. Thank You so much my Supreme, it is such an honour to be mentioned by You and i feel so blessed for having You rule my life for over 15 years. I adore you and i am yours forever! ❤

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