Praise Princess

I’m that OG camgirl who’s been ruling online weaklings since 2002 and has no intention to quit, ever. That’s right, I plan on educating, brainwashing and reprogramming lowly males FOREVER!

My erotic intelligence developed and matured in a way that wouldn’t have been possible outside this magical parallel universe we travel every day through computer screen portals and camera eyes. I was in love with everything internet and technology and I continue to be a geek and grow geekier every day.

My sexuality always manifested itself in unorthodox ways to put it mildly, ever since my self awareness connected to its own erotic language and imagery and let’s just say I was a very early bloomer in that aspect.

We’re living great times in a day and age of thriving technology, uncensored communication and instant worldwide reach of independently produced content curated by communities for communities. Influential Feminist trends and Female Empowerment contemporary topics provide much needed education for the uninformed masses in the mainstream, through social media, documentaries, movies, art. Become informed or take your stereotype and shove it. I love what I do.

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