Praise Princess

I’m that OG camgirl who’s been ruling online weaklings since 2002 and has no intention to quit, ever. That’s right, I plan on being in the cam business for as long as I live, both as model and affiliate.

It’s been 16 years since My very first *Go Live*, the one click to completely change my life and open my mind to endless possibilities while also acting as a precious outlet for my creative urges.  My erotic intelligence developed and matured in a way that wouldn’t have been possible outside this magical parallel universe we travel every day through computer screen portals and camera eyes.

I had full access to sexual exploration and its vast psychological ramifications in a brand new environment: the OLD internet in the age of Win98, floppy disks, new tech, new software, new sites, new everything every day. It was SO EXCITING and if you bare in mind back then I was living in a Eastern European post communist country flooded by information at an accelerated rate – once again, we’re in the early 2000’s – there are no words to describe how hooked i was with everything internet and technology. I continue to be a geek.

I didn’t get into camming forced by some desperate circumstances but because i became instantly fascinated with the whole concept the second i heard of its existence, so fascinated that I could never truly understand why some found it unacceptable and many still do to this day, fast forward 2018. I was 19 at the time, a first year college student freshly moved to a new city, ever so FREE to dive into self exploration and well… the good life.

I had a grand thirst for newness and introspection coupled with a sexuality that always manifested itself in unorthodox ways to put it mildly, ever since my self awareness connected to its own erotic language and imagery and let’s just say I was a very early bloomer in that aspect.

All this being said, I firmly believe the only rational reaction of any female individual befitting of the above nonsense which I just wrote while smoking a spliff would be: FUCK YES where do I Sign UP? Maybe I’m just high but back then I wasn’t. I had that exact reaction fully sober, yes! It wasn’t about my age either, never had a single regret and if I were to turn back time, an exercise I’m very familiar with, my choice is always the same.

Truth be told I still get warm and fuzzy feelings whenever i take this trip down memory lane. The reason I feel the need to get into all these details, why I find it relevant and important to open up and bring more Offline Me to the Internet Me these days, is that my entire online identity was right there, present at the very birth of the “dumb cam whore” stereotype and most its variations. I even remember the infamous “SHOE ON HEAD” for fucks sake, who else remembers that? No one, that’s how long it’s been, yet this stereotype still lurks the dark corners of the web.

We’re living great times in a day and age of thriving technology, uncensored communication and instant worldwide reach of independently produced content curated by communities for communities. Influential Feminist trends and Female Empowerment contemporary topics provide much needed education for the uninformed masses in the mainstream through social media, documentaries, movies, art. Become informed or take your stereotype and shove it. I love what I do.

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