Dos and Don’t s

This is a mandatory reading, for every grunt who decides to step forward, and give himself to Me, sacrifice his most valued possessions at My altar, and Donate his belongings to My Church…

JUST KIDDING! But not really!

To experience Me, Ruler over all inferior male-scum, means to PAY, OBEY and PLAY by My Queendom’s Rules! There’s no political correctness here, I reign supreme!

If you’re skipping this important article, then you’re an idiot on so many levels! I feel almost overwhelmed, and don’t want anything to do with your moronic self. Science, on the other hand, would surely benefit and learn a lot from studying someone like you.

This being said, let’s start with…



When I give you instructions to follow (that’s when you often LIE and say you have no webcam), homework or a task, either do it, or admit you are an enormous crybaby suck-ass pussy who can’t complete it for whatever lame reason. Being honest will result in correction and punishment. Being a lying waste of skin will result in immediate silent treatment. I will abandon you, toss you into oblivion, and you shall never bask in My radiance again! To Me you are disposable; to you, I am EVERYTHING.


Many of you troglodytes, suffer from a sub-complex. you are pathologically using this false macho power excuse, to justify your submissive cravings, and your need for total control. The fact that you have a top tier authority job, doesn’t mean you need to be Dominated for stress relief. The outlet for releasing that sort of pent up negative energy, is at the gym, not under My high heels, or My nylon legs and feet. If that’s what D/s means to you, we’re sure as hell not compatible! Why would anyone in their right mind try to excuse a trait that makes them valuable and useful to a Woman, who would otherwise give them zero attention?




DON’T BEG FOR ANY TYPE OF INTIMATE BODY WORSHIP! MY Sacred Temple shall never be seen by a filthy pig like you!

I do want to know your fetishes, your deep dark secrets and shameful weaknesses, but it is for Me to decide when and how am I going to use these against you. There will be lots of Tease and Denial involved, but “Oh Princess, I love sexy legs and feet, please show me yours in pantyhose and heels!” is NOT the right way to go.

DON’T be an incorrigible moron!

DON’T EXPECT TO SEE ME IN LATEX SAUNA-COSTUMES, RESTRAINING CORSETS, STRIPPER HEELS, GOTH DIVA MAKE-UP AND ACTING DARK, MYSTERIOUS AND EMOTIONLESS DURING SESSIONS! I do like dressing up sissy whores in slutty pvc and latex, and often find tasteful latex and rubber sexy, in an artsy way… But don’t expect to see Me in it, unless we have decided upon a certain item together, I actually liked it and agreed to wear it, so you bought it for Me!

Same goes for those tasteless platforms and hideous heels. I like them on drag queens and sissy dick smokers. I’ll stick to the elegant, expensive and exquisite stuff.


The qualities, behavior, lifestyle philosophy and skills I appreciate the most in a minion.

Servants who live and breathe to make their Goddess happy. These minions expect nothing from Me, and while they deeply appreciate being rewarded, they do not let the promise of a short lived moment of bliss, influence their behavior. They believe in Female Supremacy, they live a modest life in order to save as much money as possible for Me.

True paybitches who donate to My Church religiously

The lucky ones are offered a chance at having their finances and therefore their lives, fully managed by Me. They embark on a journey into complete freedom and spiritual liberation as soon as they start living on the allowance I give  them, based on their monthly earnings. They learn the benefits and joys of living a simple life, a life dedicated to loving Me, working for Me, worshiping Me, adoring and supporting Me, playing a significant role in My life, and even receiving affection from Me.

Intelligent, well behaved boys are sometimes lucky enough to embark on a journey that leads to joining the ranks of the Chosen Few. It’s long and hard, humiliating and ruthless; some end up feeling just like they did back in High School, tears and guilt-filled, shameful masturbation included, ha ha HA! These slaves have the highest chance at developing a close relationship with Me, because they sacrifice greatly, they truly love Me and they invest their absolute ALL in the relationship with their Almighty Goddess, Ruler of their Universe.



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