Teamviewer Fetish

Your computer is not just a tool, it’s an extension of yourself. When you’re a pathetic waste of oxygen, your computer is your life, and having your system penetrated, your files exposed, and your shameful pictures downloaded, makes you feel more alive than ever. Having Me inside your most private folders feels better than sex with your hand, and that special moment when you lose control of your input gives you a micro-erection quicker than any heterosexual porn scene that you’ve ever prematurely squirted in your bitch panties over.

Your entire life, most intimate moments and most mortifying secrets, are all inside your precious computer. Outside of it, you have no life.

Every weakling is different, ergo, the TeamViewer Fetish fantasy isn’t the same for everyone. I respect that, and the limits, limitations and shortcomings (pun intended, twice) of My subjects. If only they could express their cravings, weaknesses and said limits in a loud, clear, explicit and rational manner… *RollsEyes*

Since I seem to cause brain damage and most troglodytes drown in a pool of their own drool instead of answering My questions in a humanly acceptable, comprehensive manner, it’s time I help the poor mouth-breathers out. Read carefully!

Shock, awe and absolutely mind blowing secrets of the Universe! Cyberlife will never be the same again! Prepare to be amazed by…


Level 1 – Precisely ZERO fuck.

I won’t do anything at all; I’ll just get inside you and stay there. Think of your first time (first time you diddled your twiglet, if you’re still a virgin). You knew that if you move, you’ll be unable to control your brain juice, and that you’ll make a premature mess out of those sloppy seconds of shame, so you froze in place… but it happened anyway.

I will connect to your PC, but you’ll have full control of your input, and you’ll do whatever you want. Pretend I’m not there, and go browse that “secret” stash of incriminating pics. “Accidentally” leave your Facebook on. Just some suggestions.

Level 2 – One little fuck.

I will NOT disable your input unless you beg Me to, but I will snoop around your most accessible files, like pictures, videos, your browser history, while I may or may not order you to kneel before MY computer, and give yourself a sad, sad wank.

Level 3 – One bigger fuck.

I will disable your input while watching you on cam, make you sit in a corner and watch as I get inside your penis, personality and identity extension, nice and deep. I’ll search for dirt and FIND IT. I won’t do anything with it. Just enjoy your terrified, shame-red face, and laugh at you until you make a sticky puddle on the floor.

Level 4 – Now we’re fucking getting somewhere.

Same as Level 3, only this time, I will download some of your stuff, or record the whole TeamViewer session for one of those juicy Consensual Blackmail fantasies of yours, or just record your webcam feed, while you forcefully lick that puddle off the floor, because it’s either that, or I will post those pics of you, wearing wifey’s knickers and sucking on her black dildo… Catch My drift? I know you do! That sort of thing. Discuss!

Level 5 – One wallet fuck and some more sorrow, that will last until tomorrow.

So you’re paying My regular rates on CamContacts, while I remotely ravish you. I disable your input, then end the session, raise My price, and make you My paypuppet, moneyslave bitch at MAX RATE. I gladly and remorselessly drain your account, while downloading your vile, disgusting pics, laughing at your predicament, and threaten to expose you fully, unless you MAKE A FAT DONATION RIGHT THIS INSTANT; you’ll willingly and gladly type your PPal info, which I will also drain dry, while donating your cash to Myself. I will let you cum. And you will thank Me from the bottom of your smitten heart, for being so considerate, so kind, and offering so much attention to a freak like you! This will make you unable to get Me out of your head until the next day, and you’ll keep getting flashes of a folder with your name on it, residing on My desktop. This will cause inexplicable insta-erections and make you stain yourself throughout the day. You MUST contact Me ASAP. This might be going somewhere!

Level 6 – In fucking lust.

Not only do you trust Me completely, and know that I do not push your limits more than I should, but you have developed some sort of puppy love for Me. It’s not just a crush! It is clear to you, that I am superior, I am wise beyond your understanding, and you would be so very lucky to be allowed a shot at becoming one of the very few, the owned, the controlled.

What does this mean, in TeamViewer Fetish addiction language?

I will change your TmVr password and make several other tweaks, like set it up to start with Windows. I will freely download anything I want, spy on you whenever I want, make you tribute whenever I want… But you’ll get to keep your Windows Admin rights and passwords and said tributes will have a set limit discussed in advance.

I will also create My own user account on your PC. With My name on it. Like marking My territory. Taking a holy Goddess piss on your operating system.

Might install something like FondOfWriting for your lines writing tasks, and might occasionally leave you random tasks and instructions as txt docs, but you’ll still have some control.

Level 7 – Total Takeover and Undeniable Addiction. In fucking love.

Deeper and much more intimate than Level 6. I will take over your Admin right, and you’ll end up a guest with a pathetic limited account, on a computer that now belongs to you only by physical location.

I will install keyloggers, parental controls, manage your activity online, decide which addictions to feed, and which to banish from your system, manage your finances, so that you can afford those hefty weekly tributes plus online shopping sprees and whatnot, in other words, I will totally enhance your life, quicker than you can say “Windows Update”. So wait no longer, and convince Me that you deserve your Loser v2.0 upgrade!

9 comments on “Teamviewer Fetish

  1. Steven Melsen

    please enter my computer in teamviewer
    931 114 942
    make me a financial slave


  2. Make me a slave too! Please 🙂 I paid the 100 like 2 weeks ago I think and im just waiting for your reply goddess 🙂 please!!


  3. juliatv82

    Level 7 with FondOfWriting or secscripts sounds interesting


  4. Hello Mistress.
    Are you still on cam contacts?
    I added you today but I want sure if you still frequent it.
    Slave jay


  5. Hello Mistress
    I would love to be your TV slave


  6. kevin thomas freeland

    i want to give You more than money. please steal my identity and open credit cards. name kevin thomas freeland. social security number. 620569381


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