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Your Favorite FinDom Princess is back

To Me, gifts and tributes are a matter of normality, something to be expected, routine

It’s been such a delightfully busy month! Full of Financial Domination fun, moneyslave abuse and sissy slut intensive training.

What was supposedly a vanilla job related trip, turned out to be the ultimate business with pleasure mix. Amazeballs! But even the most Spoiled, Pampered bratty Princesses have to return home some time. It was just My turn, lucky for you, online anonymous drooling minions.

I have been terribly missed by all sorts of freaks, and more than half of the messages I received, are absolutely retarded. It’s like you, morons, don’t even imagine that someone might actually read your malformed, deranged texts.

There must be a record spinning in your head, full of incomprehensible crap, and you just randomly write some bits and pieces down,  even if they make no sense whatsoever, then mix them all up in one e-mail that you send My way, mid sentence, compulsively touching your tiny little excuse of a dick in the process.

BUT receiving loads of e-mails from slow minded, illiterate losers can be amusing sometimes. Keep’em coming boys! Oh, and don’t forget the Hate mail. Those are the best, and if you’re one of those mediocre attention whores, you’ll defo catch My attention with a nice piece of hate mail.

The best retard so far, was this idiot who insisted I *MUST* post pictures of My tributes, gifts and prezzies, because all FinDommes do.

Well, that probably helps them and the likes of *you*, keep up the illusion that the microscopic world you live in, actually matters. It’s also a characteristic of those who never get tired of sniffing their own asses.

I don’t fall under said categories. To Me, gifts and tributes are a matter of normality, something to be expected, routine, not an incredible event or accomplishment that requires more than a pulse to achieve… So do Me a favor and choke on a big black dong!

*This weekend, I will be online for Financial Domination sessions, Wallet Draining and all kinds of slave training! I am in a particular Tease and Denial mood, sprinkled with painful JOI, CBT, CEI, and harsh verbal abuse and humiliation, so don’t miss your chance to worship, minions!

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