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The Miraculous Journey of piggy J

***The piggy looked closely, and left out an uncontrollable sigh . It was a feral sound, something you could easily mistake for a wild boar’s angry groans.
His trembling lips, in perfect harmony with his shaky finger-hooves, began to mumble. The bizarre, meaningless sounds, slowly became clearer:
“I’m not sure of my needs, i fear those feelings… those submissive cravings… But the fear only increases my shameful needs further! Why oh why can’t i stop it!! SQUEEEEE”
He continued looking at the Princess page before him. Somehow, despite the menu seeming overly complicated, the telepahical powers of Princess the Almighty, whom, in Her vast wisdom, infused all of her blog’s pages with some of her Supernatural Essence of Unwordly Powers of Powerful Powerfulness – reached piggy J’s inferior, squishy brain. The Princess’ Telepathic Laser beam struck hard… piggy J has reached Enlightenment.
Kept reading for a while, mesmerized, as if all of the words Her Mighty Self has spread before him, suddenly possessed new meanings. Hidden meanings. Messages, hidden between each and every line.
Blank… and dumb. Never has piggy J felt so sure of anything, in his entire life.
He did what he had to do. His cave was wet, cold, and forgotten by the entire Universe, and in his eyes – determination.
“There’s no turning back now, OINK! The Light, it’s shining upon me! Burning, OINK OINK… i. must. give in. Nothing else makes OINK sense!”
It only took one small tribute to Her Highness, Helena the Heavenly.
The light of addiction directed piggy on the right path. His blank, dumb mind, felt one step closer to submissive Nirvana.
Yet such a long, hard, tormenting trip ahead.***

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