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Updates from Princess Land

It’s been a while since My last update, and I’ll blame it on My vanilla projects. On the bright side, being way behind schedule with deadlines means I can freely abuse My office minions, and copiously giggle to Myself at the prospect of some of them being secret sissy pantywaist fairies, who, in turn, also copiously giggle to themselves, for receiving what they crave the most – being bossed around, yelled at, and verbally abused (mildly, of course… damn rules, boundaries, etiquette and overall vanilla common sense) – by such a Superior, Amazing Goddess who’s so out of their league.

I often daydream about a vanilla niche company (kinda like the one I’m with) that would only hire non-vanilla individuals. Demanding, pushy Women, giving directions and shouting orders to the male working ants. All. Day. Long. I bet there would be no delays in any deadlines then, ha ha!

I’d be owning a personal assistant who’d carry Me on his back, like a good pony, while carrying My purse/files/whatever else, in his mouth, like a well trained doggy. Dressed in rainbow colored overalls, with a leather harness and a fluffy saddle for My royal behind. And a dildo on his forehead. Purple… Princess loves rainbows and unicorns… and pink! *Claps hands*

I haven’t even had the time to plan any new vacations, and decide which new minions to meet. I guess that remains to be seen, keep sending your applications and work hard to impress Me, there’s still time!

Received three Tint Dicklet Tax Tributes in a row, from the same new, undercover weakling… he must be REALLY tiny!

Thanks, I have no idea who you are! But keep `em coming, you’ll eventually grow a pair out of those frilly thongs, and contact Me one way or the other, so you can finally kneel and confess everything to yours truly!

To those who have been more or less ignored, or left in their cages, abandoned and forgotten… Learn the lesson from the guy I mentioned above; you’re already too fortunate for words, being able to read My Blog, drool over My pics, and stalk Me on social media FOR FREE.

I should be back to hosting the usual Online Domination sessions  at CamContacts, as soon as My work schedule allows Me to spend more time at home!

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