Losers Consensually Exposed

NEW: Send Me hate mail and frustrated, spiteful messages!

Think I’m a total bitch? Scourge of the Earth? Hate Me more than you hate yourself? Feel butthurt by My writings and My attitude? Or perhaps you have no reason at all, but you just have a thing for being cool and a total badass on the interwebz? Send Me Hate-mail!

I love reading hate-mail, as it entertains Me greatly; It’s one of My guilty pleasures, and I only find it fair to send one reply to the hater, so that they receive the tiny bit of attention they crave for – why else would you send Me hate-mail, right?

Bullshit mail is also good, if you can’t allow yourself to truly let those frustrations out; take small baby steps, but no matter what you do, don’t be a complete moron – this will get you banned from sending more Hate mail.

Detective Dipshit’s first message looked promising, he felt the need to inform Me that I shall never enjoy the magical, celestial blessing of an online session with his Royal Majesty, due to THIS POST – (Link removed, the protagonist paid his way out as we agreed before consensual exposure. The post was centered on his SHORTcomings, his 2 inches of inadequate skin, his tiny dicklet). Oh poor poor tiny guy, I played out his fantasy and we both had loads of fun when I told him I’ll finally put him up here, boo-fucking-hoo!

I wonder what truly offended Detective Dipshit… I suspect he’s less endowed than the 2 inch slut. Or he’s green with envy because he doesn’t have the balls to do what these boys do – send Me pictures for Me to collect, they provide entertainment, pose for Me, thank Me for putting them up here… It’s true, one must have a pair of gigantic balls in order to get so far. These are very courageous minions, very brave and powerful in certain ways. It takes a hefty amount of self confidence and a great deal of inner strength.

Detective Dipshit didn’t get it though. he also failed to read the Losers Exposed intro, so I’ll be kind and quote it here:

All freaks depicted here, have agreed and most likely even begged and posed for the freakshow camera, making a complete mockery out of themselves, just to be exposed by Princess Perfect!”

*Puts Sarcasm Hat On* You see, I have this really bad, incredibly evil, completely vile habit of playing the CONSENSUAL blackmail game, with slaves who SPECIFICALLY ASK ME to expose them on My blog/social media, as part of the fantasy or whatever you want to call it. The nerve! *Removes Sarcasm Hat*

My one and only reply to Detective Dipshit was this:

“There’s no abuse of any privacy, each and every minion who’s been “exposed” had specifically expressed a desire for it, and not only agreed upon, but reviewed the materials before Me posting them. Don’t worry, i have no interest in a session with ignorant pricks, so you’re safe. “

I blocked him from wanking over My CamContacts profile.

Detective Dipshit also threatened to report Me, ha ha.

The terrifying thing is, I am sure that in the back of his mind, a small part of him hoped that I’d see the light, and I’d take that screenshot down. Way to fuel the fire!

I did however see a different light, and had the revelation of this open invitation – thanks, Dipshit! I hope I’ll receive a lot more Hate mail now, to brighten My day, and make Me burst out laughing. I will also post the best ones here!

Also, you may join D.D in his epic quest – become an ally in the Crusade against Mean Princesses Everywhere, TODAY!

Contact Detective Dipshit, private DICK for hire!

My middle finger salutes you!

7 comments on “NEW: Send Me hate mail and frustrated, spiteful messages!

  1. pathetic

    This is a lie. I was pointing out that it is against camcontacts rules to video people.


    • pathetic

      Also. I would never threaten anyone. Violence never solved anything.


    • 1. Show Me that recording I supposedly made, oh mighty white knight of the internet. That’s right. There is none. Keep up the great work.
      2. CONSENSUAL. Google it. Here comes the clue train! Choo choo! Last stop is you!
      3. Still can’t grasp the concept? Congrats, you’re mediocre.


  2. pathetic

    It is a screen shot of camcontacts. I agree that people may agree, but camcontacts do not make acceptions. Now I ask to prove where I threatened you. I have never threatened anyone in my life.


    • A screenshot of a sub who was actually posing for it, because he wanted Me to post his “picture”, is not a video recording. Nor a violation of privacy, since it was all done AS PER HIS REQUEST, get it? Being put up here is his turn-on.
      Now hop on your white horse and go troll the blogs and sites or every other Domme out there – you’ll find plenty more of these screenies, which is nothing but great, when you’re a Private Dick.

      Even though you are not entitled to making any demands, i.e. asking Me for proof of your own actions, I am a reasonable gal, so let’s deduce the obvious conclusion:
      Stating your intention of taking a hostile type action against Me is defined as a threat. One I give precisely zero f*cks about – get on with it.

      This was My last reply to you, spoon feeding the slow-witted is not what I call fun.

      I’m sure you enjoyed the attention.

      Go away!


  3. pathetic

    It is because you are lying. I never threatened you. In fact quite the opposite, I said I was staying away from you. Publishing any camcontacts screenshots is a violation. I have already agreed it was not a video. I do not make the rules. I think you may find my photo on a few dommes pages, just with my face covered, lol. And as for wanking over your photos, that would not happen. I am into CFNM and I only wank during video sessions 121 when i am allowed.
    If you stop answering me then I will go away. But you are twisting all I say and making false accusations about what I said.


    • Go back to the kindergarten, where this type of behavior belongs; you have already done a very good job at incriminating yourself more and more, by simply following Me around, and sending Me way too many messages on CC.

      A smart individual would have stopped messaging Me after My first (and only) reply I had for you there.

      Perhaps in your distorted reality, reporting Me to CC was not a threat. Semantics. But go ahead and do it anyway.
      Funny how you also felt the need to provide more useless information, i.e. being into CFNM. That would be the logical thing to say, if I’d be posting nude pictures of Myself, which will never be the case. Congrats for confirming everything. Don’t be ashamed.
      Herp derp, Fap-fap-fap.



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