Do all tiny dicklets hump their fluffy pillows?

Well baby-dickie, it seems you did not invent the wank-a-wheel! Most tiny thumb fuckers selfishly get off humping pillows

Hello hello, greetings from Princessland, pillowhumpers!

I received a pretty nice and very heartwarming (as in, TOTALLY BUTT-KISSING) slave Application from a tiny dicklet today. It was accompanied by a $100 Tribute, because I’m out of his league, because I’m Great, because I’m Fabulous, because I’m highly Creative and because I DESERVE TO BE SPOILED!

I decided to schedule a webcam session with him – so we got on Skype, where I got him to confess his most shameful secrets. The confession amused Me, well not what he had to say per se, but his reaction of shock and awe when I revealed the fact that most tiny dicked manlettes confess to the exact same thing – BEING PILLOW HUMPERS!

I took great pleasure and delight in humiliating him with a big grin on My face, laughing and giggling My Princess ass off. I abused him even more harshly than I normally would, because he had the audacity of thinking he somehow was a special snowflake who discovered this incredible way to make his clitlet spurt!

Well, baby-dickie, it seems you did not invent the wank-a-wheel! Boo-hoo! Most tiny thumb fuckers selfishly get off humping pillows! Ha ha ha!

I had a blast making him speak to his pillow, while they had their raw, wild, fluffy seconds. Scream fluffy-pooh’s name as he came “inside her”. Then as I made him “lick her” as his disgusting goo was absorbed by the pillowcase, and tell her that she’ll be his one and only real girlfriend, forever and ever.

So, here’s an invitation for you, pillow humpers out there: Schedule a session as soon as you read this, because I have an extra-special assignment just for you!

1 comment on “Do all tiny dicklets hump their fluffy pillows?

  1. sublithium

    Yes, indeed we all do it at some point. I think its usually when a teen or a little before, and started to get that “climbing the flagpole” sensation. That’s when our overactive minds spring into action and spur us on into our new fluffy girlfriend, just humping away then leads down the road of further disgusting thoughts. When we get older the sickness worsens and we spend endless amounts of time trying to find a new exciting thing rub on. Sometimes we spend those blocks of time trying to craft some kind of happy fake vagina when it would just be cheaper, easier, and feel a lot better to just buy a fleshlight

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