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The Rebirth of the Vile

Follow the story of puppy D, ye' foul maggots, and learn how to spoil and worship Princess the Great, so that She swims in a sea of pleasures and wealth.

Once upon a time, in a world where Females ruled and male pigs drooled, lived a Wonderful Princess.
She was Pure Perfection in every way, and words of Her powers have spread high and wide, through the entire Universe.
And so, one day, hearing that The Princess was on the prowl for devout followers to join Her mighty cult of worshipers, puppy D began to sweat and tremble.

It was his most prized fantasy, to serve and worship The Princess. The cravings he struggled in vain to overcome, were now pure torture. And so, the puppy decided he couldn’t resist, he could no longer hide… he got an audience with The Princess.

She made him confess everything… his deepest desire of all, to be under total control, brainwashed and molded into whatever She wanted to create.
Princess’s TeamViewer superpowers were his biggest weakness. She knew where to penetrate, and what to hide deep inside; how to spy and reveal all of his secrets.

One click of Her Holy finger, and She was in. The vile filth, the disgusting history of his browser, they made Princess cringe. She was sick to Her stomach, and then, She knew there was no other way; Quickly and skillfully, She flicked Her magic wand, and took control of EVERYTHING. She made it all Hers to control, Hers to Own, Hers forever.

From that moment on, She slowly began to reprogram and to condition the vile creature, the filthy porn creep with a useless lil’ dick. She knew this would be a long and difficult process, but reprogramming this inferior drone was a challenge, and She loved a challenge.

Of course, the creature had no willpower; She kept watching from the shadows, making him believe he was safe, all alone, no secret eyes looking, peeking, revealing his shameful secrets. Oh, but there were.
She knew she could not trust him, and so, the creature ended up in a full correctional program, for an undetermined period of time. And Time is tricky in Princessland…

And so, the inevitable happened, creature’s online activity monitored and restricted by Princess Herself; She made the creature write endless lines, and kept checking on him when he least expected; She took particular delight in turning creature’s webcam on abruptly, just to relish in the fear and shock, written all over his face. But all of this was for the greater good. It didn’t take too long until the creature began to change his habits and his cravings, all directed into The Light, towards the Highest Purpose… Pleasing, Spoiling and Adoring a Higher Power, A Divine Princess, GOD Herself. The more She humiliated him, the more he adored Her. Sometimes he hated Her, too. But that feeling never lasted, it was just rage and impotence, short lived, and followed by guilt.

Slowly but surely, he’s turning into a good servant, and his selfish needs are all in the past. Praise Princess for She’s Wise and Powerful! The road is long and the path of true servitude is hard; There’s a whole lot more work to be done, but for now, SHE is rather pleased. Her teachings have stuck well with the little puppy, who’s no longer a vile disgusting swine, but a weak little addicted puppy; Like all good pets, he obeys, and trusts his Mistress. She knows best.

Follow the story of puppy D, ye’ foul maggots, and learn how to spoil and worship Princess the Great, so that She swims in a sea of pleasures and wealth.

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, but the chosen few, who humble themselves, shall be exalted in My Queendom, bitches!

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