Losers Consensually Exposed

Lamest letters from the greatest losers

Superior Greetings, My sheeple!

I have been busy reading slave applications and fan-mail all morning. Whew… MY BRAIN!

I can hear the stupidity grow in some of you. Hurr durr

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Being a submissive doesn’t equal being STUPID, quite the opposite! All of My loyal slaves, the ones I take pride and pleasure in keeping, playing, talking and just being with, are highly intelligent, very educated individuals.

While I reserve the right to call them any sort of degrading names during a scene, make no mistake, I truly appreciate their smarts and wits, and I will never accept some dumb freak of nature to disturb My flock’s natural balance, just because he’s willing to tribute Me!

Some of these letters are mediocre at best, and these will simply be ignored, but for the love of everything that’s holy inside My lingerie drawer, some are so retarded they make Me lose faith in humanity. Others are the most disturbing, fucked up, twisted, disgusting, cringeworthy  fantasies that are sure to get you a one way ticket into the  looney bin.

These are the gems worth spreading, and it is time I made a special section on this blog dedicated to the stinkiest of brain farts filling My inbox.

Stay tuned!

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