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Axis of Awful IV “women for me are a way to see if I can get accepted”

Therapy with Dr. Princess is expensive. Popping bubble wrap is cheap.

Let’s read a little excerpt from an application sent by a Jeckyl & Hyde personality “slave” that will remain anonymous, with visible misogynistic issues.

Slightly off-topic, I was really excited, as if great justice has been served, when BDSM, Kink and Fetish were depathologized in DSM-5, and the APA made it clear that consensual alternative lifestyles and activities were not related to mental disorders.

Mr. Hyde – I believe I was quite right in suggesting therapy instead of D/s for you. Especially now, that kink-aware psychotherapists are quite easy to find.

Sell yourself – WHY should I accept you as My grunt? What are your hard limits? Get creative and put those PIG HOOVES to work:

“I am kind of new to this game. Who said I was playing any games to begin with? Femdom isn’t roleplay. I am young (27 years old) and have never had a session with a mistress in real life. However, the possibility of having one online, with whom I can (hopefully) establish a long-term relationship is a priority at the moment. A priority, I wonder why? I had a fucked up childhood, I was bullied in school and beat by my parents. I was overweight for a long time. And I have always had this love & hate relationship with women. I lost my virginity at the age of 21, so pretty late. Around that time, I started taking care of my appearance and whatnot and had lots of sex with many women. I’m sorry, but a fucked up childhood isn’t an excuse for your submissiveness. Get professional help if you can’t overcome your psychological tribulations all by yourself. Don’t project your mommy issues upon Strong, Powerful Women who are way above you in all ways possible, and who would never abuse you without proper consent, as opposed to your past experiences. Don’t pretend to be a submissive or a slave, because getting spanked is the only kind of female affection/attention you can truly relate to. After being the fat kid in school, your insecurities won’t go away at the gym, at the same rate as your bacon. So allow Me to doubt the “sex with many women” part, unless you were paying for it; also, I can see the hate, but fail to see the love part. That caring for my appearance, through style and expensive clothes, was one way to receive all of the attentions that I hadn’t receive before. So again women for me are still a way to see if I can get accepted, recognized while at the same time I hate them viscerally. The hatred for women derives by the fact that women have much more power than men. I wish I was one of them sometimes. No, your hatred for Women derives from something else. No, you could never ever get even close to being one, and the entire humanity is grateful for that fact – but you can always be a pussy. When you do find that Domme who’s willing to be objectified by you, so you can project your unresolved childhood trauma in a pseudo-misogynistic manner, please let Me know, I’d be genuinely interested in meeting her. I have somewhat an inclination for homosexuality, Somewhat? you love yourself more than you could ever love a woman in a healthy, submissive or vanilla way – get gay today! although I have never had an homosexual experience. Never say never, herp derp! However, anal sex is very appealing to me. I know! I recently rethought the idea that I had of sex, and by now it has become stronger and stronger to me. Sex is just an animal instinct. Not *just*… Extremely banal and pathetic. If you lack certain skills and traits, such as an open mind, imagination, creativity, stamina and a big dick, plus a passion for the (opposite but not only) sex, to name a few. I think you should be in chastity and mental bondage for an undetermined period of time! So I bought a chastity device to be exposed to long periods of chastity. Agreed! As for the rest of my life, I can say that I have been very successful in school and at work. Then again, many psychopaths and sociopaths are, too. Not saying you are one, just saying. I want to be dominated by you. I want you to make me fell small as never before. I want you to humiliate me, spit on me, make fun of me being so pathetic and hopeless. I crave for obeying and fulfilling your desires. I want you to uncover my weaknesses, remind me of them and fucked up my brain and mind.” I want, I want, I want, I crave, and let’s not overlook the capitalization of I/Me, while using lowercase in relation to ME. No need to analyze any further, as it’s a no brainer. Craving to fulfill My desires has nothing to do with what you really crave. Does making a Superior Woman whom your viscerally hate – happy, feed your masochistic needs, so much so that you get an angry, frustrated stiffy out of it? Before being worthy of having your brain fucked up and screwed with by Me, you need to get it fixed by a professional. I’ll toy with it once it’s reset to its default factory settings! I won’t offer to professionally assist you, because you need a male therapist!

Write a short Scenario of your most intense Fantasy! Anything else that you must torture Me with?:

“A long-term period of chastity, and by that I mean months. You teasing me on cam and controlling my orgasm without me coming. I am also thinking of me buying your used lingerie and play with it somehow not to make me cum. You controlling my sex life. Also, me unveiling you my secrets. You using them to blackmail me.” Sure, let’s use big words, such as long-term, heck, MONTHS, because that will surely make you sound worth My time, and profitable to My pockets. Excuse Me for not biting. My control over your sex life would result in you having no sex life at all. As for making assumptions close to value judgments by suggesting that  I would/should sell you My used lingerie, even though I have never advertised it anywhere, ever? Assumption is the mother of all fuckups. 

Here’s a useful link for you, and I strongy advise that you use it: https://ncsfreedom.org/resources/kink-aware-professionals-directory/kap-directory-homepage.html

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