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If I were a homework slave…

First off, I would never entrust some penis with My intellectual work. Second, I'm too smart to fail

… I would sprinkle filthy words all over your paper, so that you learn your lesson and stop being an academically challenged lazy bum with zero culture!

I have already mentioned that I began to consciously be in touch with My Dominant identity during My early High School years. I was unaware of BDSM, or that Femdom was a thing. I also thought that most women felt as erotically aroused as I did, from wearing nylon pantyhose without underwear. Anyway, the point is, starting High School and all the way through College, I have been a bratty bitch toying with boys in all sorts of ways. Coming from a wealthy family, I’d carry plenty of cash around, but there was no greater satisfaction than making some guy spend his lunch money to fetch Me a fancy latte and croissant. I could, and can still afford pretty much anything I desire, which makes My subs ambitious, focus driven, dedicated to a higher purpose. Seeing a man who’s fully aware of My financial status give up his last cent for Me, is the ultimate proof of genuine, unadulterated, pure devotion.

In the words of a not so wealthy, but incredibly loyal sub of Mine: “I know you can afford it, but it gives me such great pleasure to buy it for you, and i feel so happy when i see you loving it and wearing it. I feel as if you carry a little piece of me with YOU, and that makes me feel most proud!”

So yes. Back to High School. There was no such thing as Homework slavery Fetish, but I did have plenty of guys offer to do My homework for Me, at the subjects I wasn’t so fond of.

I always found that insulting.

First off, I would never entrust some penis with My intellectual work. Second, I’m too smart to fail. There were subjects I was never fond of – Hello, Math!… but I’d still manage to score decent grades, without the help of a slave. Then there were the subjects I was great at, the subjects I loved and went to national school competitions for, like Literature, English (remember it is not My first language), French, Latin, History – subjects I am very much interested in to this day, topics I love to read about on a daily basis, and I can’t even begin to imagine what a monument of mediocrity could I have become, if I would have had some homework slave from the internet do all the work for Me!

And to the Generation Z hipster princesses who seem to represent the main pool of “dommes” for the Homework slaves: NO, doing your own bloody school assignments won’t keep you occupied through your entire free time for the day – unless you are brain dead, and your cheap extensions’ adhesive is keeping your last two neurons anesthetized.

Educate yourselves. Unless your main purpose in life is to become a dumb bimbo playing “findomme” over Twitter, bragging about chump change £25 Gift cards and posting pictures of your chipped, peasant milkmaid mani/pedi.


Homework that I will incorporate in My training sessions. Especially Essays and Lines writing slave tasks!

I am giggling at the thought of giving an Essay writing task to a homework slave and his long term “mistress”.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who’d win that competition!


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