Cuckolds in Chastity Cum Eating Instructions Sissy Training

Orgasm to Eat

I command you to sneak out every night at midnight, and search through your neighbors' trash for used, man-sauce filled, creamy cum loaded condoms

Here I was, enjoying a nice, warm sunny day, taking pictures of unaware hipsters and whatnot, when I stumbled upon *your happiness*… It was just lying there, at the corner of a quiet street, close to an abandoned building, just waiting for you to pick it up and savor it!

I almost stepped on it, but I stopped in time, and thought: Urban street art! With organic… elements to it! Therefore I had to take some pretty priceless pics for you, jizzbucket whores. I suggest you print and frame these, along with the further instructions that I have graciously prepared for you!

Here is the first piece, for your viewing pleasure. I call it…

Orgasm to Eat

Lay back, relax, and enjoy the thought of being sent on a Divine CUM Eating Mission by ME, your one and only true SHEGOD. Finding this, would make you feel more joy and excitement than all of your Christmas mornings put together!

The mission begins with a simple night task: I command you to sneak out every night at midnight, and search through your neighbors’ trash for used, man-sauce filled, creamy cum loaded condoms! The more you collect, the better your score!


The second piece becomes a whole lot more compelling, on a whole new level; The blessed element of the Goddess’s feet in sexy as fuck sneakers, perfectly framing *your favorite meal*… Oh, divine socks She wore all day, oh, celestial Chucks that carried Her Perfect Peds, to lick and sniff them, so glorious! Right before eating that gooey, yucky treasure off the warm concrete, licking away all evidence!

I shall call this…

Goddess blessing the Gift

IMG_3476Feel free to imagine I spat on it, to infuse it with My Divine aroma or some such; you may also imagine this to be the part where you present it to Me, after a long night of trash hunting. Like a hunting dog.

Masterpiece number Three depicts the place where the act most likely happened; it’s an abandoned house that looks creepy enough to lock you in for a few days, in hopes random junkies will find you inside, and use your bitch holes in ways even I can’t imagine!


Very well gayboys, let’s summarize:

I am giving you a simple task:

Step 1: Leave your house at midnight, and look for used condoms. The more the better. Fail at finding at least one, and I promise you’ll be sorry!

Step 2: Run back home at 5AM; Get on your fours, condoms in your mouth, take a picture and send it to Me!

Step 3: Await further instructions.

Permission to wear a costume or a mask, if you are afraid someone will recognize you. Make sure your Cum Eating Midnight Superhero suit has lots of GLITTER and lots of PENIS pictures on it!

Run along now, prepare for your quest bitches!

4 comments on “Orgasm to Eat

  1. Can I be your toilet paper?


    • Miss Waltrude

      You vile, foul subhuman, shall never be worthy of such blessed privilege… you can beg Me to turn you into a public urinal!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I will be a urinal or toilet, ANYTHING to be a true faggotpig! Then maybe I could be your asswipe? Fed by a goddess…


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