Cuckolds in Chastity Cum Eating Instructions Losers Consensually Exposed Sissy Training

Fresh fagalicious wimpy limpy meat EXPOSED! Sissy Steffy SUCKS it!

Hey-ho, filthy hoe!

It’s faggot losers exposed time, with your one and only true Femdom GOD Princess!

While My preference for older subhumans is a well known fact, I have decided to make an exception; why, you ask? Well for once, this young but eager sissy pantywaist cock fluffer has real moneymaking potential. If trained well, brainwashed and reprogrammed thoroughly, this frilly fairy could earn quite well on the pansy penis pleasuring market.

Plus, he’s fun. Which I can’t say about most of you retarded, walking faggot fuckholes.

Sissy Steffy is a Semen Slurping Slut – she truly loves it up the butt!

This weak, silly little whore has been perving over My Gospel and pics for a pretty long time, before having the nerve to contact Me. We had a rather nice rainbow colored chit-chat over Skype, and I am pleased to inform you lot, that his boy-self is almost as queer as the blonde bimbo Steffy slut alter eg-HO.

My generosity knows no bounds, and I support Financial Domination for the not so well endowed wallets, too. He’ll just have to work online, on cam sites, for a few hours a day. Just until he’s ready to work the streets!

His tiny little girly dicklet can’t get stiff for Women, not unless they’re abusing him for the weak, pathetic jizzbucket limpwrist he is. And that’s the right way; The path to perfection! To sucking dick and getting gay today, because hey-hey, that’s what I SAY!

This pink panty’ed sissy slut ass shall be used, degraded and humiliated, made to perform vile, unspeakable acts for My amusement, entertainment and FINANCIAL GAIN. Online at first, until I deem the whore worthy, ready to be pimped out like the dick worshiping, cock loving tart he is. The little sissy slut will do anything and everything just to earn as much as possible, and to keep his Goddess happy!

Not only this is an honor and a blessing, but I can always use the good ol’weapons of persuasion… BLACKMAIL, BLACKMAIL and last but not least… BLACKMAIL!

I have also ruled that this cum guzzling tosser might make a great candidate for My Anal Arousal Hypnosis Conditioning, programmed to feel horny and sexually active if and only if his sissy bitch fuckhole is filled, stretched and slam fucked silly in the name of THE SHEGOD HELENA, DESTROYER OF MANHOODS, OWNER OF FEMINIZED SEMEN DRENCHED SLUTS.

Perhaps I should also make use of My Total Feminization Behavioral Modification writings; whisper My commands in his ears, repeatedly… My siren voice turning his already weak, girly brain, into a highly susceptible to suggestions, mushy mass of fuzzy goo, that I can mold into any whore’ish thing I want! *NOTED*

But what’s a Sissy Exposure blog, without some incriminating, dirty slut pictures! Let’s proceed, gayboys! Prepare your gigantic, throbbig rods!

I think i did it again
I stuffed my cornhole
All dick in my brain
Oh baby baby

WIN_20150506_142641 WIN_20150506_142650 WIN_20150506_142652 WIN_20150506_142658

I do look like a drag
But this doesn’t mean
i am not a fag
Oh baby baby


Ooops, i did it again
i diddled the worm
got lost in the shame
please gimme more gay porn!


Ooops, you think i’m a dork
a young bitch, pig-whore…
i’m not that innocent!


You see, my problem is this
my worm cannot work
unless i suck cock
Oh baby baby


I beg, sucking each day
Dreamin for Princess, She pimps me away
Oh baby baby
I cry, blowing my way
Clearly she sees i’m a whore
In so many ways!

Oh, and have I mentioned I have the Facebook contacts of several ex unaware girlfriends, for whom he COULD NOT GET IT UP? Perhaps they deserve to know the true reason why this sissy was a such a terrible, inadequate disgrace! *EVIL GIGGLES*

Feel free to visit the cum covered cocksucker’s Blog, and shower the sissy in public humiliation, degradation and abuse!

1 comment on “Fresh fagalicious wimpy limpy meat EXPOSED! Sissy Steffy SUCKS it!

  1. Fake dick suckin is pretty limp shit…


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