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My Live chat rate/minute is “horrible”, and I can’t play with an “empty computer”

What do all insufferable asses have in common? They put a SPACE before a comma.

Free Psychopoop sample
Free Psychopoop sample

I’m sure there are a lot of things this guy is bad at…

Just look at his vapid speech.

So let Me get this straight: you have an empty computer, but there’s some dick pic hidden someplace, in a secret System32 folder, which is password protected, so you doubt I’ll find anything; I can bend over backwards running searches for all kinds of photo video file extensions, while you choke the chicken… It’s all in vain, I’ll just burst into tears over My failure. Hi-Ho!

Oh, wait… what now? Testing My skills and checking for computer savvy clues? So silly of Me! I’ll surely bite now. I feel so challenged. Let Me prove Myself to you, oh Master of the interwebs Universe.

Come again? My price is horrible? No way, horribly high? Horribly low? It can always go UP, you are such a tease!

I am very happy with My $4/min. Together with a large following of loyal sheeple. Guess what that makes you: irrelevant and disposable!

/sarcasm ON. Here I was, rubbing My hands, dreaming of a magical time with you, and your empty computer, if only you could see the sparkle in My eyes… /sarcasm OFF.

I will also add that I was more than amused and not at all surprised by the sudden change in semantics and punctuation, following My reply.

What do all insufferable asses have in common? They put a SPACE before a comma.

I knew you were a blowhard right from the start.

I know there are mental cases out there, who can only afford $1/min rates. These fucktards suffer for two reasons:

1. They wish they could afford ExpensivePrincess1, or MaxRateGoddess2, but they know it’s never gonna happen, so they keep drooling over pictures.

2. They know there are wealthy weaklings out there, successful slaves who will gladly pay any rate, because they earn real money, instead of chump change.

These freaks will occasionally get off by “roleplaying” the wealthy sub. Posing as the top tier picky pig. They whack the weasel in your free chat, as they tell you how your rate is too low for their high standards, and how anything below $10/min is making you look unworthy of THEIR attention.

So I will say this to you: eat shit. It’s absolutely free and good for the environment.

2 comments on “My Live chat rate/minute is “horrible”, and I can’t play with an “empty computer”

  1. Well, well, well said.


  2. You are fucking brilliant. I can afford you. Not sure i want to, may probably need to, but you are fucking brilliant.. Beautiful, too!


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