Financial Domination Losers Consensually Exposed Sissy Training

Sissy Steffy is back, needle dicks! She wants more, and more, and MORE!

As some of you cockfags might remember, Steffy is the girly-girl type of sissy that I enjoy playing and toying with the most, out of what the entire sissy scene has to offer.

Why, you ask? Well here’s one example out of many: you have no idea how many hairy, pseudo-macho cavemen send Me sissy training applications, only to run for the hills as soon as they hear the “zero bodily hair” policy. I hate hair regardless if you’re a sissy or not. We have CLOTHES now, it’s 2016. For non sissies, a neat trim will also work, as long as you look human, and can’t me mistaken for a trained ape surfing the interwebs. Yes, wax your back, that’s what I mean! And for the love of fuck, shave off that 70’s porn mustache too while you’re at it!

Learn from Steffy: Looking girly doesn’t a total weakling make, and so, he can afford what most of you twats in need of a trepanation and long term de-machofication brainwashing, can’t: to serve not one, not two, but three magnificent Goddesses at once.
This is only a tiny little teaser of what’s to come, but stay tuned and keep your dildos nearby, because it’s gonna be bigger and better than Leo winning the Oscar.

Teaser #2: Steffy sent Me some cute little girly girl pictures of herself all dolled up, and her soft skin and pink frilly lingerie made Me wanna jump into a white shirt, slap on a red tie, put on a pair of black suit pants, bend her over My knee and show her who’s boss.

Farewell, faggots!


Later Edit: Steffy paid to have her pics removed for now, until her next inevitable exposure!

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