Financial Domination Losers Exposed Sissy Training

Sissy Steffy is back, needle dicks! She wants more, and more, and MORE!

As some of you cockfags might remember, Steffy is the girly-girl type of sissy that I enjoy playing and toying with the most, out of what the entire sissy scene has to offer.

Why, you ask? Well here’s one example out of many: you have no idea how many hairy, pseudo-macho cavemen send Me sissy training applications, only to run for the hills as soon as they hear the “zero bodily hair” policy. I hate hair regardless if you’re a sissy or not. We have CLOTHES now, it’s 2016. For non sissies, a neat trim will also work, as long as you look human, and can’t me mistaken for a trained ape surfing the interwebs. Yes, wax your back, that’s what I mean! And for the love of fuck, shave off that 70’s porn mustache too while you’re at it!

Learn from Steffy: Looking girly doesn’t a total weakling make, and so, he can afford what most of you twats in need of a trepanation and long term de-machofication brainwashing, can’t: to serve not one, not two, but three magnificent Goddesses at once.
This is only a tiny little teaser of what’s to come, but stay tuned and keep your dildos nearby, because it’s gonna be bigger and better than Leo winning the Oscar.

Teaser #2: Steffy sent Me some cute little girly girl pictures of herself all dolled up, and her soft skin and pink frilly lingerie made Me wanna jump into a white shirt, slap on a red tie, put on a pair of black suit pants, bend her over My knee and show her who’s boss.

Farewell, faggots!


Later Edit: Steffy paid to have her pics removed for now, until her next inevitable exposure!

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