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Cuckold Cumbucket tastes reality

If you suffer from tiny dicklet syndrome and your wife isn't fucking you, don't be naive and delusional. She's definitely getting fucked silly. Just not by you, of course!

MopeyDick, the cuckold bitch boy, has been getting all hooked up and hopelessly addicted to Me for a while now, and it was inevitable, to say the least.

As the wannabe “fantasy cuckold” he pretends to be, he always described himself as “not really submissive at all”, so I just allowed him to believe I was buying into his nonsense. Just the occasional online Skype sessions with no obligations, no true addiction, no deep emotional involvement, and the advantage of staying anonymous. As his lust for Me began to grow, and the addiction wrapped its tentacles around his brain, he even went as far as to create several different accounts, the poor deluded manlette, in hopes I wouldn’t recognize his slobbering confused-bitch-sow-in-denial style. He went through all that trouble because it was easier than being honest. Easier than admitting the obvious: he’s a submissive cuckold who’s really into Me, because I speak his language, I understand him better than anyone else, and he loves Me for it. Meh.

This cuck’s fantasy, which I suspect is no fantasy at all, was about his wife being pleased and slam fucked senseless by “more endowed” men, his choice of words meaning one thing, and one thing alone: MopeyDick was left at the back of the line, when the real dicks were distributed. But he would fool himself into semantics where the use of “more endowed” made him think of himself as “less endowed, but endowed still”. Whatever… Yes boys, that’s how your subconscious works.

Always in the mood to argue, so he can let out some of his many frustrations, Mopey will be drunk for 9 out of 10 online sessions. Really drunk. To boot! Too drunk to get it up. Too drunk to even try to pet his pickle, because he’d be unable to unzip his pants.

I must admit I do enjoy analyzing the mind of a fun manlette, the more screwed up between the ears, the better. I love the sort of freak who would make Freud himself cry and beg for a lobotomy. Don’t let this statement fool you though, in order to be THAT fucked up in the head, one must be a highly intelligent person. Mopey is no dumb dolt, he’s just deranged, there’s a difference.

MopeyDick is a humiliation slut mostly, with cock envy and cocksucking undertones tossed in, just for entertainment and for, uhm, *good measure* haha!

When in full BUTTHURT mode, he gets so frustrated and squeals like a piglet, you’d think he’s bleeding outta the asshole as he yells stuff like, “oh you could never get me off” – obviously in retaliation for being laughed at by Me, and being mocked about what a lame ass, impotent drunk fuck he is. We both know full well the dipsomaniac couldn’t get it up if his life depended on it.

Anyway. After struggling with his aggravating addiction, and even going through and unsuccessful attempt at going cold turkey over Princess – despite Me making it crystal clear that there’s no 12 step detox program to cure him of Me, MopeyDick made his first official HEFTY donation, which I happily looted off him, like a greedy six handed Shiva of wallet draining and money pig abuse and destruction. Fab!

So after feeding My Financial Domination Fetish, he earned the right to call Me. I knew he was out of town on business, and judging from the background noise, I would guess he was driving – I didn’t care to ask, as I gave precisely zero fucks.

This freakazoid rarely turned his webcam on, during our online cam chat abuse, and out of those rare happenings, he only had his sound on twice, while completely smashed. Heck this was one of the very rare times he was sober at all in My presence, let alone speak to Me in actual sentences by using his cockfluffer sissy voice. The fact that he was trying so darn hard to sound all manly-man didn’t help his case one bit! the_finger

I was curious, he seemed pretty hyped, and said he had an important update regarding the wifey situation, so a little piece of information slipped out, a… *tiny detail* if you will – wifey hadn’t let the poor pork product touch her, let alone try and fuck her, for over three months.

The only sexual activity has been to serve her orally. See, I would never bother to say “please her” or “get her off”… ’cause I know better.

Wifey is no stranger to his “fantasy”, in fact she’s been dressing him up in her lingerie and sometimes clothes, and his only b-day gift (dipshit dipso turned 48 last month) was a CB6000. Not sure if she locked him up yet, he mumbled something that I could not make sense of, when I asked. When sober, it seems he mumbles a lot. Must be the sheer shame, and the fact that he’s fully aware of what pathetic things he spills outta his snot! I had to yell at the whispering wimp several times, until I finally got him to squeal louder.

So let’s recap, shall we: feminization, sissy boy oral service, orgasm denial… Ummmm… This sounds like a cuckold husband in training to Me! Trained by a slut wife who knows what a useless waste of skin he is.

It couldn’t be any more painfully obvious that this woman is already getting the hard slam fuck party she craves for, from some well hung dude her tiny dicked loser bitch hubby knows nothing of. I would bet she’s getting slammed each and every single time she’s “working late *on* a *BIG* project”, when she goes on those spontaneous shopping sprees that last half a day, especially on weekends, and oh yes, let’s not forget the long lunches with the girls!

Dear loser boys!

If you suffer from tiny dicklet syndrome and your wife/girlfriend isn’t fucking you, don’t be naive and delusional. She’s definitely getting fucked silly. Just not by you, of course!

As usual, I laugh and giggle at MopeyDick’s pathetic situation, and at what a sorry ass mofo he is. I laughed, and laughed, and his breathing pattern changed, his voice got really low, and he barely uttered “please Princess, please don’t laugh at me”.

OF COURSE this only caused Me to laugh even harder and louder, while I kept humiliating him for being so pathetic and so useless that his wife had to look for real cock elsewhere!

The most entertaining part was all the talk about having a cock shoved down his throat, preferably that of the thick dicked boy wifey’s screwing. This got MopeyDick really excited, so much so that at this point he felt it was imperative to remind Me that in his fantasy, I would dominate both him and wifey.

See, that way he’d somehow get even, since he’s unable to make her kneel and obey him, or make her submit in any other shape or form. Heck, he can’t even earn an ounce of respect out of her.  I guess he’d try hard to identify himself with Me, to look at her through My eyes, so he can feel powerful if only for a few moments. Poor MopeyDick… Ha ha haaa!

The psychological mechanism of this, is similar to another that tiny dicked cocksuckers have in common: The deep meaning of “having a big cock”. When you were born too small to fuck, having a huge one down your throat, or mercilessly shoved deep down your little sissy fuckhole, way up in you, is the closest you can get to it being “your own”. Hence the desperate need to please those big fat cocks the best you can. The better your skills, the more you’ll “have it for yourself”. There’s more to it, but Therapy doesn’t come for free.

Dominating them would be fun, but since I am also a Female Supremacist, My Domination style with Women is different, and doesn’t involve inferior male-thing style humiliation, definitely not the sort of degrading stuff this pig imagines it to be. I believe all Women to be above men, even though some of them aren’t aware of it yet. Yes, social, educational and cultural background plays a huge part, but that’s a different story… the intrinsic superior traits are there.

What Mopey doesn’t realize, is that I would use her against him. I’d make them both beg for cock, only to give My attention to Big Juicy, the well hung fuck toy boy. Maybe I’d tie the two pathetically married sluts in a painful position of predicament, and force them to watch whatever I feel like doing to Big Juicy. So many possibilities! Ha ha ha. Endless, really!

Whatever, enough about MopeyDick the freakboy cuckold cum slut. He can get drunk on his own sissy-syrup cocktails for all I care. I was kind enough to create some recipes for him. Still, he was the most entertaining minion in a while.

In the meantime, I have all sorts of new pictures, that are to-drool-for! They’re only for the most devoted worshipers, though… and you must Tribute your way into joining the proud, the few, the owned. Then you must prove you can handle them. Cuckolds and tiny dicked losers will adore these. Sissy sluts too, I reckon. I should just call the whole gallery… “Forcing you to watch”.

For now, it’s “Forcing you to CRAVE”!


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