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Girls Night – your public humiliation SPH dream

Vanilla boys have such a hard time, and such a tough life while all you SPH lil dick losers get the best of everything.

What do girls have to say about useless tiny dick guys irl?

This one goes to all the dickless frustrated losers out there, SPH afficionados or not, BDSM enthusiasts or plain vanilla boys with pin pricks and gigantic frustrations, penis envy and immense anger issues.

Our lives would be so boring without you, oversized clit male cunts. Here’s what happens when you’re too small to fuck, and too self centered to please a woman in any other way:
If you’re not a total waste of skin, and have good communication skills, she’ll enjoy your company and go on a date with you. You’ll keep in touch quite often, go on a few more dates, until the inevitable happens and the fun moves to your place (or hers).

No matter how Alpha you’ve been acting during your “get to know eachother better” period, no matter how hard your tiny little pin prick – which she could not feel at all as you hugged and kissed, don’t worry about that – your frustrations kept on growing.

Just imagine how tiny our planet is, compared to the entire Universe. That’s how tiny your birth defect is compared to an actual penis deemed worth fucking, because you were missing in action at the time real cocks were being distributed – but it is not your fault, just get on with the SPH program), your frustrations however, are even bigger. But I’ll get back to that.

Being the perfect gentleman you are, you won’t get to sex right away, you’ll offer a glass of red wine, you know, the works. But as soon as your pants go off, and she sees the medical wonder that your micropenis is, you’ll shift into the usual “she’s to blame” mindset, while still attempting -and failing of course- to have a cheap immitation of intercourse. You’ll act like everything’s working fine, and she’ll soon go home.

She’ll become less responsive to your texts and desperate date proposals, and you’ll become more of a pig, because after all, your dicklet is fine, she’s just a frigid bitch, or she’s sporting a cave of a vagina, because she’s a monstercock loving whore. Things would be so much easier if you could only accept your situation, and admit you need a different sort of attention when it comes to your oversized clit. For example, as she points and laughs at your 2 inches of shame, learn to enjoy this SPH moment. She may be laughing at your small penis, but wait until you open that secret drawer and put your strap-on on. She’ll surely be pleased then, haha.

But you’re not that type of guy. You’ll keep hitting the gym and pumping your muscles instead, while that skinny guy who doesn’t give a shit, because he’s got the Alpha brain and attitude, is getting laid. I’ll say it again: joke’s on you!

What’s your “ex date” up to?

She’s hanging with the girls. Here’s an example: some of my vanilla girl friends know I abuse many online loser pigs, just like you. Others don’t. But we’re in the same circle of friends. Here’s a thing we all have in common: WE LOVE LAUGHING AT YOUR TINY DICKS!

We even give you wanktards nicknames! The only guys we won’t discuss like so, are the ones we truly like, respect, admire, feel inspired by, and last but not least, give us great orgasms. Because we’re refined Ladies, that’s why, dimwits!
Here’s another hint: even if you do have a big dick, you’re not god’s gift to women. If I need to use my own digital skills to cum, you didn’t give me an orgasm at all, you egocentric maniac. I gave it to myself, and the next one I’ll have that way won’t be with you, because I can masturbate whenever I please, without leaving the house, in front of a big mirror. Just me and my incredibly vivid and vast imagination. So if you’re one of those, and you were rather confused as to why that hot chick you supposedly impressed last week, ghosted you and went in full radio silence mode, this might be the reason. Or she’s dating the Alpha guy now, who knows not only how to push her buttons, but also how to rub her clit.

Girls Night Chit-Chat (no real names given)

We were talking about TinyDickTeddy, BigDickSam and HalfErectionHugh, some dudes My girl friend Eve used to have the pleasure and disappointment to get into more than a simple meet and greet, ha ha.
I was showing her pictures sent to me by my online Tiny Dick Syndrome Squad, meaning YOU, fools! Remember how many times you asked if I could show your lil dicklet pics to My girls, for public SPH? I’ll make a video of us next time! We laughed so hard! Literally rolling on the floor. Well, couch.
Vanilla TinyDickTeddy couldn’t get over the moment she told him they were not a match in bed, so they should just be friends instead. So emo.
BigDickSam was good though, so kudos to you Sammy, and… Keep it UP!
HalfErectionHugh is a different story, we went for cocktails after work on a wednesday, and he was in the same bar, but she spotted him first. Luckily he didn’t see her, she turned around just in time, hahaha. Boys, if it never gets UP and totally HARD, quit trying to fuck. Go see a specialist instead! Such a pity, he was looking pretty hot. See? Looks aren’t everything. In fact, if you’re a much deeper than average person, you’re most likely attracted by other traits, and compelled to look for insightful and meaningful attributes in others. Real beauty, that is.

Vanilla boys have such a hard time, and such a tough life while all you SPH lil dick losers get the best of everything. Attention from ME, guidance and such infinite care when it comes to your finances, because you can only feed my Financial Domination Fetish since you suck at everything else, and because FinDom and SPH go hand in hand so to speak
I suggest you start spreading the word and share my Gospel with your vanilla limpy wimpy loser buddies, and send them My way. I’ll know exactly how to convert them, and welcome them into my Church on their fours, wallets in their mouths and dicklets in chastity.

The End.

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