FemDom Financial Domination Foot Fetish

My Greed answers your every need

All of you, loyal lumps of flesh MUST prepare your wallets! You’ll be rinsed, reprogrammed, hypnotized and brainwashed

Guess who’s back from yet another unplanned for vacation? YOUR ONE AND ONLY FEMGOD!
I will be coming online for some serious Femdom and Findom abuse!

All of you, loyal lumps of flesh MUST prepare your wallets! You’ll be rinsed, reprogrammed, hypnotized and brainwashed! Is your mushy brain ready?

Here, little piggy! Tip-A-Toe! The more you $pend on each, the le$$ you are a u$ele$$ bitch!

Not only there is no escape, but the longer you delay the inevitable, the harder you’ll fall!

I have been treated like a Princess since the very day I was born. Always spoiled, always getting My way, always knowing how to obtain whatever I wanted. I truly KNOW how completely out of your league I am, as well as you know what an absolute loser you are. And if you are half a genuine slave, you must KNOW that a true Goddess will never stop demanding more: pushing you beyond your limits, over and over, taking and taking, draining you of your identity, your wallet, your savings account, and if lucky to be left out of chastity, your balls.

Bid farewell to the last shed of your deranged male ego. I want everything, and will take it all from you! Drained and depleted – there’s nobility in complete bankruptcy, you may end up homeless for all I care, and beg in crowded places so you can still deliver small little shiny tokens of gratitude into My hands.

Bankruptcy and poverty will set you free. And if you’re religious, don’t forget that Jesus was homeless too!
Loyal servants call Me Perfection Personified for a reason. Because I am! So go ahead, it’s time for you to bask in My radiance, and pray to Me, beg to be given a true purpose in life, a life that must be lived in servitude, under My heel, under My control, under My guidance!

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