Bask in My radiant wallet draining glow

Dominant greetings, weaklings!


I must declare Myself very pleased with My loyal minions’ recent performance!
Yesterday I made an online appearance at CamContacts after yet another one of My infamous LONG absences.

It’s been such a plesant surprise to be welcomed back with arms and wallets wide open by such a great big swarm of loyal fans.

A pleased Princess is a Happy Princess. And a Happy Princess is a Generous Princess, isn’t that right, weak boys?


I decided to share My golden Goddess glow with My loyal slaves and devout piggies in a series of wallet and balls draining portraits.

Of course I need no retouching, no Photoshop. In fact, I believe no Woman in the world needs it, we have no flaws. Every “imperfection” is nothing more than a male dominated social construct, rooted in years of milking the eel over unrealistically airbrushed Playboy models.


Worship and drool over the full photoset here!

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