Sissy Training

Sissy Personals: Type of tart test

So you are a sissy. Time to figure out what to wear, and what type o’ tart you are. Take the Test!

If you’re an entry-level “trainee”, you probably haven’t got a thing to wear. Well that just sucks, because it’s not how you become popular with the boys. Time to spice up your dull man-closet with lacey, frilly, trashy girly new duds. You’re not a sissy without a pair of stockings, a garterbelt, sexy bras (don’t be a greedy ho and pick an enormous cup) and panties. Stripper heels or F’ me pumps are also must-have.

“But Princess, what colour fits me best?”

It depends on your inner sissy personality. As a general rule, you want the signature pink, white, purple and red. Don’t touch black, you’re not sophisticated enough to pull it off. As the dirty little trashy tramp you are, you need to express yourself clearly, in a fruity palette.
Which style suits you best: “i’m a docile, obedient creampuff, who gets juiced up for knee high socks and lacey undies” or “take me like a 2 dolla whore, BIG daddy”?
If you’re the first type, go for pink, light blue even, white. Rainbows, pastels and fagalicious fairy flowers.
Purple, red and dark pink equal “cum Queen”. So which one are you?

Tips and… tricks (Yes, PUN!)

Thongs and g-strings seem to be every sissy’s faves. However! While they provide easy access for toys and sweaty truck-driver-dong, always keep your sissyworm away, nothing is to be spilled out. Squeeze it all together and TAPE IT IN PLACE! Oh, and wax that unattractive butt-beard while you’re at it!

When shopping for hosiery, you’ll never go wrong with deep brown, dark taupe and cocoa shades. These are ultra-super-tacky. Like you!

Never put your panties on first, and your garterbelt last. This will not be an ideal situation, if some horny hair-bear decides to take advantage of you out of the blue, in a dark alley. ALWAYS be prepared.

Many Mistresses like to go for the complete transformation project, others are into pink fairy tutus, sissy fussy dresses and petticoats, while others such as Myself, simply want you to look like an absolute freakazoid. Figure out what yours likes, and go with it!
One more gem of wisdom, for those who aim for the freak-o-ho style that I love best: when in doubt about an outfit, just get detached, activate your observing ego, and give an objective answer to the question “which one will make me look absolutely stupid and most ridiculous?” – that’s the one!

Make-up is too vast a topic, and it will be covered by itself in another awesome writing.

Now that you got the basics covered, start looking for a sleazy bookstore; find a gloryhole in your city TODAY! Take pictures and entertain the Princess!

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