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Webcam slave dos and donts

Share a fantasy, talk about your favorite fetish, confess a longtime kinky craving, and for the love of fuck, avoid generic answers

20190315 20-47-28I know I have been quite absent for a while boys, but as most of you loyal admirers have noticed, after showering Me in hard, thick rolls of cash over the past week, I’M BACK, BITCHES!

It’s always a pleasure having My Chatroom busy and crowded, all of My minions gathered together and waited in line to serve their true FEMME-GOD. Oh, the joy.

But there are still the dumb dolts who insist on disturbing the balance of My Femdom Universe, by acting (and interacting) like a band of failed medical experiments.

I then realized some people truly need a series of rules and a lesson in manners before engaging in any sort of interaction with Me, or any other live webcam model for that matter. But I also realized there’s no such elaborated material to be found online, BECAUSE I HAVE NOT WRITTEN IT YET! So here goes.

The DOs and DONTs for Live Chat Sessions

1. DO read your Chathost’s Profile before engaging in any sort of live interaction, be it free text chat or live cam.

Not only will you find it easier to get a clue whether she’s interested in your kinks, fetishes and fantasies or not, but you’ll also show some well deserved respect for Her taking the time to write all of that info *FOR YOU*, and form a basic idea about who She is.

Yes, I know some profiles are not the most creative literary works in the webcam industry. Oh wait, were you searching fresh candidates for the next Nobel Prize for Literature Award on a live adult cam sex porn site? Fuck off.Go read My profile!

2. DON’T leave your manners at the door, just because you’re an overweight reject with a tiny birth defect for a penis, hiding behind a computer screen with conveniently no webcam available for showing your ugly mugshot on.

Be respectful and well mannered, even if you’re not a slave visiting Dungeon BDSM or Fetish hosts, but a plain ole’ boring average joe, looking for a fast wank in mainstream cam sex categories.

3. DO greet when you enter a host’s free text chat, DON’T come in  only to wait quietly for a “Hello” FROM THE LADY.

This is something your mother should have taught you. On second thought, given the porn creep and complete failure of a man you’ve grown up to be, I’m not shocked. It’s never too late to learn, dimwits: BE THE FIRST TO GREET, then wait for a Hello back from Me.

4. …and this one only applies to Me: DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO WEAR.

It is perfectly acceptable to confess your weakness for a certain outfit, item or style, as long as you don’t insist I “put it on for you right now”. I am a lifestyle Goddess, a Female Supremacist, a Femdom Princess, but NOT a fetishist, although I love nylons, sexy pantyhose, pretty heels, you know, the Footsie Paradise. Bottom line, I am strong, powerful, charismatic, way more intelligent than the average lot, extremely creative, and I can overpower, Dominate and Humiliate you to the ground, in My PJs and no make-up on. If that’s not what you appreciate and admire in a Mistress, just avoid Me, we won’t click.

I greatly enjoy being worshiped by Foot Fetish slaves for instance, and the most deserving pets get treated to all sorts of destructive, addictive and hypnotic eye candy of the nylons and heels variety, as long as they never forget: I DECIDE WHEN, HOW AND WHAT TO WEAR so I can tighten My grip around your fetish infected brain. The more you insist, the more demanding you become, the less interest I’ll show in you, to the point where I banish you from My SHElestial Empire forever. Never forget: YOU ARE DISPOSABLE! There’s plenty of submissive losers in the kinky sea, and arguments such as “you are losing money” are null. For each and every idiot I reject, there’s three more good quality boys out there, well deserving of basking in My presence. Why waste My time on low class scum for a few bucks? The only logical answer? NO REASON! NONE!

5. DO remember camgirls are not friggin’ mind readers (although they can perform some real magic tricks!)

Once you’ve gone past the usual, boring as fuck introductory convo (yes, the “hi bb hru where r u frm?” thing), DO elaborate on what you’re looking for. Share a fantasy, talk about your favorite fetish, confess a longtime kinky craving, and for the love of fuck, AVOID GENERIC ANSWERS like “i came here to be dominated”. Could stating the obvious be any more OBVIOUS than that? Next time try something like: “I liked your profile, especially the part where you say you enjoy training sissy sluts. I like to be humiliated for wearing pink frilly fagalicious panties.”

If you still can’t notice the difference, delete your account and cancel your internet subscription, you UNDESERVING CAVEMAN!

6.DON’T turn into an ungrateful, rude cunt once you shoot your brain juice! 

What I mean by this is, take A SECOND to say GOODBYE after you’re done, it’s only gonna cost you an extra CENT, you prick! “Thanks, bye!”

If you know there will be a possible wife alert, than do what My married slave Dave (and many others like him) does: “My wife may come home soon, so excuse me if i cut off abruptly, Mistress”.

Same applies for webcam slaves who serve from their place of work. If you know there’s a chance you might be forced to cut the chat short, inform you Host. Don’t do it for Her. Do it for you. You’ll learn how to be a decent, good-natured person. People will start liking you more. You might even get laid. Some day. In the future. Maybe.

7.”Tribute nicknames” should only be used with the Mistress you tribute it to.

COMMUNAL PAYPIGS, we all know you exist, but coming into My room with a nickname dedicated to another Mistress is distasteful as heck. I won’t respect you. “slut4Waltrude” should only be used in Waltrude’s room, get yourself a “slut4all” secondary account.

That’s all for today, bitches. This list will be updated quite often, based on the amount of freaks in need of schooling I’ll stumble upon in My Chatroom, and their shockingly moronic behavior.


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