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The return of Perfection Personified

Pinch your nipples piglets, you are not dreaming! I have returned to purify your vile minds and souls once more, ON A REGULAR BASIS!

Pinch your nipples piglets, you are not dreaming! I have returned to purify your vile minds and souls once more, ON A REGULAR BASIS!

I have been very pleased to see My loyal followers rush to worship and weep at My divine feet, as soon as I made My second coming. SHEsus is here now, rejoice and sing praises to Me, your prayers have finally been answered!

My sacred Mindfuckery is mightier than ever, and My deep understanding of your most shameful secrets and fantasies will have you wrapped around My pinkie quicker than you can say FINDOM!

A few honorary slave mentions are in order, so let’s go!

Puppy Daniel impressed Me the most with his long term devotion. Reading My gospel and following My teachings since he was only 21 has been a great influence in his evolution, and I’m very proud of what he’s achieved so far. His personal journey is still a work in progress, but this puppy is evolving fast! Good boy!

Slave Sam tried his very best at leveling up his TeamViewer game, and while visibly uncomfortable, he suffered beautifully while I drained him dry, breaking his FinDom records. Remember, sammy-boy: there is no limit, you’ll keep beating your past performance over and over again, edging to the brink of insanity and loving every second of it.

Slave Markus has also been a good boy and impressed Me with his subbie etiquette. After reading My blog and gooning over My unadulterated, natural Perfection, suffering through My long absence, he’s finally been blessed and worshiped Me live. My Golden Goddess aura, My impossibly long legs and my silky feet had him hypnotized into a spending trance, winning the highest tribute of the day award.

Finally, slave reez gets a pat on the back for finally getting into TeamViewer and falling deeper into the spiraling addiction that is ME.

Don’t worry if your name hasn’t been mentioned yet, these fantastic holy icons are also for you!

Free task: download and print the one that makes you weak in the knees, stupid in the head and swollen in your sissy panties. Make Me and altar in your home – get creative! Take a picture of it and Contact Me for further instructions!

Enjoy these absolutely perfect, absolutely unedited images of your Femdom GOD, and don’t forget to check My CamContacts profile religiously. Use the GIFT menu and PAY PRINCESS right NOW!

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